Newborn Care

Newborn Care Q & A In Fort Wayne, IN

What is newborn care?

Newborn care is a branch of pediatrics focused on treating infants who are several hours or days old. One of our physicians will examine your baby within 24 hours of birth, assessing for a healthy transition in the newborn period. This also presents an opportunity to ask questions and discuss concerns and appropriate care in the first days of life.

What are the types of newborn care?

Pediatric Associates, Inc. offers several types of newborn care, including:

  • Free consultations for expectant parents - When you learn that you're pregnant, it's important to research and select a pediatrician. Working with a trusted physician who specializes in care for newborns can significantly lower your child's risk of complications while ensuring they receive the comprehensive care they need. During a consultation for expectant parents, you can ask the providers at Pediatric Associates, Inc. about their training and experience, as well as their treatment philosophy. These appointments are free, so there's no pressure or obligation.
  • In-hospital exams - If you select Pediatric Associates, Inc., to care for your newborn, you can expect them to visit the hospital within 24 hours of giving birth. During this visit, your child's Pediatric Associates, Inc. provider assesses prenatal labs and history, birth history, the transition following birth, and completes an exam of your child. They're also available to answer any parent questions.

Does newborn care continue after leaving the hospital?

About three to five days after giving birth, you visit Pediatric Associates, Inc. for an in-office exam. During this appointment, your child's provider:

  • Conducts a complete physical exam
  • Reviews the results of hearing and vision screenings
  • Asks you about your baby's eating and sleeping habits
  • Discusses your home environment

Your child's provider also talks about what you can expect in the coming month and explains the results of your baby's blood tests from the hospital.

Does newborn care include immunizations?

All babies have some natural immunity to diseases. Your newborn should receive their first immunization for hepatitis B within 24 hours of birth. Over the next few months, Pediatric Associates, Inc. vaccinates your baby based on a standard immunization schedule.

To learn more about the benefits of newborn care, schedule an appointment at Pediatric Associates, Inc. by calling the office at (260) 436-3789 or booking online today.

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