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Mental Health Q & A In Fort Wayne, IN

What is mental health?

Mental health refers to psychological and emotional well-being. Good mental health helps your child demonstrate resilience and better cope with life's daily challenges. Several factors influence mental health, including life events, environment, and genetics.

What is mental illness?

Mental illness refers to a variety of conditions that negatively affect the way your child feels and thinks. Children of all ages can experience mental illness, but they're especially common in teenagers between the ages of 13-18. According to data from the National Alliance on Mental Illness, about one in five kids will receive a mental illness diagnosis during adolescence.

What are some of the most common mental health disorders?

Pediatric Associates, Inc. offers support and medication for several mental health disorders, including:


Every child feels sad from time to time, but if your son or daughter's symptoms persist for several weeks or months, it could be due to clinical depression. Clinical depression evokes feelings of extreme sadness or hopelessness. It can also cause your child to lose interest in activities they used to enjoy, like sports or crafts.


Most children feel nervous before giving a presentation or performing in a play. However, if your child is anxious on a daily basis or regularly tries to get out of going to school or spending time with peers, it might be indicative of a generalized anxiety disorder (GAD).

Eating disorders

Eating disorders are a type of mental illness characterized by severe disturbances in eating behaviors and negative self-image. Two of the most common eating disorders are anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa. Children with anorexia try to avoid food altogether, while children with bulimia tend to binge eat, but later “purge” by throwing up.

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