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Lab Tests Q & A In Fort Wayne, IN

Why does my child need lab tests?

Lab tests provide your pediatrician with detailed information about your child's health. If your child is showing symptoms of an illness or disease, your doctor may recommend a lab test to determine the underlying cause. Your doctor may also recommend routine blood tests during your child's annual visit to ensure there are no problems or changes to their health.

Lab tests are an important diagnostic tool that allow your doctor to identify conditions that they can't determine through a physical exam. Your doctor may conduct lab tests to diagnose conditions like infections, anemia, or nutrient deficiencies.

What lab tests are available?

There are a wide range of tests your doctor may use to evaluate your child's health. Two of the most common lab tests include:

Blood tests

A blood test is a diagnostic tool that uses a small sample of your child's blood. Your doctor may conduct a blood test to check your child's cholesterol, hemoglobin, or lead levels. A blood test can help your doctor determine how well your child's organs are functioning, as well as the presence of conditions like diabetes or blood disorders.

Urine tests

A urine test or urinalysis is another diagnostic that uses a sample of your child's urine. Your doctor may recommend a urine test if your child is suffering from symptoms like painful urination or abdominal pain. Pediatricians commonly diagnose urinary tract infections through urine tests. Urine tests can also screen for diabetes and issues with your child's liver or kidneys.

Pediatric Associates, Inc. also provides lab tests for conditions like the flu or strep throat. Depending on your child's issue, your doctor may perform a blood test or rapid testing using a swab of your child's throat or nasal passage.

What happens after my child's lab tests?

The results from your child's lab test can take a few days to come in. Pediatric Associates, Inc. is conveniently located next door to a laboratory testing facility, ensuring that the team conducts your child's tests in a timely and efficient manner. Once your child's results come in, you and your pediatrician discuss any issues with your child's health, as well as options for safe and effective treatment.

To learn more about lab tests for your child, call the office or book online today.

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