Community Service

Feeding the hungry, donating presents to the poor, and performing errands for the elderly are all examples of community service projects for kids.

Kids working together, learn to solve problems and make decisions and successfully contribute to their community. They connect local concerns with global issues and gain an awareness of others. All this will serve them now and years later as they transition out of school and into the adult world!

An infographic listing different community service project ideas for kids. The ideas are listed out in the article. The text reads 17 community service project ideas for kids.

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Even your littlest ones can get involved with their community with your help. When you teach your preschoolers the importance of helping others, you're getting them started on the road to kind habits that will last a lifetime. Here are some community service ideas that you and your youngsters can do together this holiday season:


Your preteen can start taking on even more individual responsibility in his community service projects. Think of ways he can get more directly involved with helping others.


Your teen is ready to volunteer without your help, on her own or with friends. In fact, many high schools require some form of community service for graduation. Provide encouragement and guidance, but let her interests guide her involvement. If your teen needs some help, here are a few community service ideas that are great for your independent teenager.

There are so many ways for you and your child to get involved this holiday season. But the spirit of giving doesn't have to end when the holidays are over. Helping others through community service is a great way to bond with your child all year long.

Dr. Kleber

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