Is Your Child Suffering From Anxiety & Depression?

Bringing to Light Mental Illness in Children

Our six outstanding, seasoned, and esteemed doctors at Pediatric Associates Inc., in Fort Wayne, IN, have seen a high success rate in treating adolescent anxiety & depression. This group of esteemed physicians in Indiana tackles mental health one child at a time.

Mental Health Wellness in Children Cannot Wait

Our six pediatric Associates await your call for help with anxiety & depression in your child.

Years ago, doctors did not treat mental illnesses in children due to a failure to diagnose them properly. Most parents took these symptoms of mental illness as growing milestones in their children, which the child would grow out of eventually.

Today we hear a lot about autism, ADHA, depression, and bipolar depression in children, and we must think that these things have always been present, just not addressed.

Anxiety in children forms when whatever is on their minds causes them to worry and become nervous. Anxiety causes a deficit in their quality of life and sleep pattern. Anxiety can be short or long-term.

Depression in children must exhibit a group of symptoms or behaviors in a child, such as a noted change in their activity, thinking, and mood to the point that the symptoms cause a decline in their ability to participate in activities of daily living and social functioning.

Bipolar depression puts the child on a constant roller-coaster of feeling manic or living in a bottomless dark pit.

Anxiety and depression can stem from the current living conditions, such as going through long periods of isolation associated with COVID-19. In addition, mental illness can stem from a traumatic experience in the child's life and can be hereditary.

Symptoms of Anxiety/Depression

  • Social withdrawal
  • Changes in eating pattern
  • Changes in sleep pattern
  • Angry outbursts
  • Crying fits
  • Sadness
  • Feelings of hopelessness
  • Irritable

Do Not Allow Mental Illness Indicators to Go Unchecked

Our doctors want to help your child fight anxiety & depression.

When you notice any of these symptoms in your child and know that something is wrong with your child's thinking and actions, please do not hesitate to call us immediately. We are here for you and your child and want to help them become well again. Our success rate for diagnosing and treating adolescent mental illness is high. But unfortunately, we can only help you once you call us for an appointment today. Call the pediatricians at Pediatric Associates Inc., in Fort Wayne IN. Call (260) 436-3789 today.

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