FAQs About Anxiety & Depression

Pediatric Associates, Inc. has helped many young ones with anxiety & depression in Fort Wayne, IN, overcome these often crippling conditions. We can answer a few of the most common questions that parents have about these disorders to help you know what treatment works best for your children.

What Causes Depression and Anxiety?

Depression and anxiety may have many different triggering factors in young people. Unbalanced hormones as they mature may cause some symptoms. Bullied children may also feel depression and anxiety, as may high achievers trying to keep perfect grades. Just about anything may trigger these emotions in children, particularly as they age towards their teen years.

Are Depression and Anxiety Genetic?

Studies have found that parents with depression and anxiety may pass these conditions to their children. Some of this inheritance may be genetic, as specific genes are connected to these emotions. However, some children may simply learn patterns of behavior from their parents that reinforce anxiety and depression, such as worrying excessively about minor incidents in their life.

Do They Always Occur Together?

Depression and anxiety often occur as co-occurring disorders. Some people may start with anxiety that worsens to depression as their symptoms increase. Others may have depression that causes troubled and anxious thoughts. However, these conditions don't always co-occur and may be triggered by different emotional and behavioral acts. It is important to keep that in mind before getting treatment.

Can They Be Treated?

Depression and anxiety in children are typically treated through careful doses of medication, behavioral therapy, and counseling. Therapists can identify a child's emotional triggers and help them better understand what makes them depressed. This may help decrease their symptoms and teach them better coping methods. In this way, they can minimize their depression and anxiety triggers as they occur.

Let Us Help You

Pediatric Associates, Inc. can help manage your child's anxiety & depression in Fort Wayne, IN, and give them the stable and happy life that they deserve. Our many doctors understand multiple therapies and will find one that makes sense for your needs. Call us at (260) 436-3789 to get started. We'll talk with you and your child to discover their depression and anxiety triggers and find a therapy method that works the best for their needs.

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