How Are Anxiety & Depression Related?

When your child is dealing with physical issues, you understand that it’s important to get them the care that they need to heal and start feeling better. The same goes for mental health struggles. Many mental health issues may be related and it’s important to understand how and why they may affect each other. Your pediatricians at Pediatric Associates, Inc. in Fort Wayne, IN, can explain anxiety & depression and how the two may affect one another.

The Relationship Between Anxiety and Depression

Often, if someone is dealing with anxiety, they may also deal with depression. If you notice that your child is often keeping to themselves and showing other signs of depression, you’ll likely be able to point out signs of anxiety as well. This might be because anxiety & depression originate in the same area of the brain and our pediatrician in Fort Wayne, IN, can help you understand how to help your child deal with both.

Anxiety can also occur as a symptom of depression. The feeling of worry and panic for no explicit reason is often associated with both anxiety and depression and it’s found that anxiety attacks tend to trigger depressive episodes.

It might be difficult for your child to function at school when dealing with anxiety and depression and it can make it hard for your child to enjoy things they once did. Many activities might be associated with interactions and that can be difficult when your child is dealing with either mental health struggle. It’s important to understand that the two conditions go hand in hand and that many mental illnesses can be related.

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